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Really interesting world-building, and I love a good whodunit!  Glad to see games out of STL too.

This game is awesome! The characters are so interesting and I love the queer representation!


I'm also really proud of myself for figuring out the case early on. When Galkin mentioned the "stench" of the bar I first suspected it and soon after Sofya goes to the bar with Heremon and he mentions something that confirmed my suspicions. Everything after that pointed in that direction and my excitement was bubbling over waiting for Sofya to figure it out. Very satisfying when it all came to it's conclusion.

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leshin? as in those monsters from the witcher? giant forest protectors from slavic folklore?


The term Leshy is indeed a deity of the forest from Slavic folklore, which is also referenced in the Witcher series. Our Leshin are definitely a nod to such folklore, but take a very different spin on it, and are more similar to elves in most traditional fantasy.

This is reeeeally good! I love the characters, and the plot had some excellent twists and turns. Sofya and Heremon have such a great dynamic and the voice acting throughout is superb. Big kudos on the music too. Really looking forward to episode 2!

Ohh, the art is beautiful. I just wish the game had a male protagonist as well:(