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The Echoes of the Fey series mixes a high fantasy setting with the mysteries and conspiracies of pulp detective fiction. Play as Sofya Rykov, a private investigator with a secret of her own: she is the only Human able to wield unlimited magic. Her country of Oraz is recovering from a 30-year war between Humans and Leshin (elves) over the use of Fey energy, so her unstable magic is best kept secret.

The Last Sacrament is bigger in scope than anything we’ve made
yet, and we’re building it in Unreal Engine 4. This might seem like
an unusual choice for a visual novel. But UE4 allows us to create
complex 3D environments and multiple camera angles for each scene,
resulting in a more cinematic experience.

We’re also adding a unique gameplay element in the form of a mini-game called RiftRealms. This is a tabletop game that exists in the world of Echoes of the Fey, and as Sofya you can play with other characters. We thought this would be an interesting way to showcase each character’s personality based on how they treat you as a Dungeon master. It also explores the question: what do people fantasize about in a fantasy world?

The free downloadable demo contains the first few scenes and a RiftRealms tutorial. Once you try it out, please let us know what you think!


Recommended MINIMUM requirements on LOW settings:

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
AMD 7500 or NVIDIA GT 555M video card
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz
2 GB free hard drive space

Published Nov 17, 2017
AuthorWoodsy Studio
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsStory Rich


EotF_Ep2Demo.zip 708 MB

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Will this be available on Mac at some point?

My antivirus says that files of this game may be infected by virus, so I can't play it. Please, check it. 

Hi MrMar,

Unfortunately this is very common for indie games before they have been played by a widespread audience. The antivirus software simply does not recognize the program. The files are safe, and you can still play if you tell your antivirus to ignore them (or if needed, you can temporarily disable your antivirus).

Just played the demo, so here are my first impressions;

The little mini game is interesting and definitely a leap in an unique direction. The only issues I had were that changing in actions with a mouse (going from Moving Action to Trap Action for example) were a little janky, with Moving often becoming automatic. Otherwise, very interesting and look forward to see how you up the difficulty and make it challenging later in the game.

I'm digging the living backgrounds from the two scenes there is in the demo, and while in the screenshots the depth perception is a little weird in the city-view, in scripted bits it looks lovely!

Very pleased to see character animations and interactions with my boy Heremon are staying true, and Kat looks like she's going be a very interesting addition to Sofya's upcoming story! (Plus in the last game I was very much angling for a Sofya-Heremon mutual interest, and having a bit of real romance drama will give me LIFE.)

I usually make saves when Choices come up, so I can quickly pop back and change the choice if I change my mind, but script froze when I tried to load back and test how the save system was- it returned to normal when I loaded the auto-save and picked the first choice with Heremon, so I guess saving on the Choice screen doesn't work...

Overall, I've got a positive feeling about this game, and I am reeeally looking forward to seeing how you go forward with it. While all the animation and mini-games might not be why I'll play it, and more for just how much I'm loving Sofya and her story, I'm still supporting the decision and hope you have fun experimenting with your new tech :)

Good luck! You have an eager customer with me!

Thanks so much for these notes, @queenbol! We're looking forward to sharing the final result with everyone in a few months :D