Minor update, but big news coming soon!

Today's patch includes some minor bug fixes related to rollback, improved character fades, and a new option (added by popular request) to turn off film grain. Although we hope that most players will keep the default film grain effect--which is how the game is intended to be played--we realize that some players find it uncomfortable, so we have had added the option to turn it off.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes out for some big news coming about Crimson Spires soon. For now I'll say this much: new Crimson Spires content is coming in 2021, and to many more platforms! More details coming soon ;)


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Jan 21, 2021

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Just finished the Julian path and I am hoping that with these next Crimpson Spires "content" we get to see how there life pans out, because the game abruptly cut off, leaving me aching to see more! whether that was growing old with said partner, finally making the walls come down, possibly having children or seeing what is SO scary on the outside of those dang towers! I cannot wait until we get to hear about this new content.

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so no film grain filter? well i guess someone could feel bad playing like this but i agree the game* is made for be played with it i hope that people at least give it a try, i finished the game and it gives the perfect vibe! and...many plataforms?? thats so cool! congrats guys <3 

I just bought CS today on steam and I noticed that I can't click or use the space bar to progress the dialogue. I can only progress by turning on auto mode which is frustrating.

Also, when does the patch come out that offers an option to turn off the grainy effects?

I wouldn't mind it if it didn't hurt my eyes and make it almost impossible to see what i'm looking at.

I'm sorry you're having these issues. That certainly shouldn't be happening, and I suspect something has gone wrong with your Steam download. Try verifying the integrity of the files, or uninstalling then reinstalling.  All versions of the game enable progress by space bar and click, and the patch for turning off grainy effects is already released. It is in advanced options at the bottom.

okay, Thank you. This worked

Oh, awesome! I'm so excited ^-^