New Game + Now Released!

The new content you've been waiting for is here. Once you finish all four main romance paths with a happy ending, you can now play the fifth and final story path in a new branch called New Game +.

If you've ever wanted to play Crimson Spires on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, today is your chance to do that, too! Thanks to EastAsiaSoft, today we also release on multiple consoles: 

In the last path, combine all the clues and relationships you have fostered thus far to help Erika make a final choice about the town of Bataille.

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I bought it on PS4 and have finished every path and am working on new game plus. I loved the game but did experience a bug where New Game + did not display. I assume it was because I played the endings out of order.

 I played August - Madeline - Liam - Julian. I got the good ending and a check mark on all endings. I Uninstalled and reinstalled the game. None of those things unlocked New Game+. I replayed Liams path again after finishing Julian's and NG+ unlocked correctly.

Great game! 

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I bought it on Switch yesterday and I love the game so much! But just so you know the Switch version has some pretty gnarly load times, like in some scene changes or loading a save I've had 22-30 second load times. Oh, and comparing it, somehow the grain filter that's usually around is completely absent for the Switch port.

So excited for this! Will be getting the game for my Switch as soon as possible! :D